Sunday, July 21, 2019

Detroit Festival of Books 2019

 This years event was at the venerable Eastern Market, a sprawling complex of massive open air sheds, local produce, restaurants, food trucks, and shops - truly a gem of the Motor City and well worth visiting even without books. A couple of points to bear in mind for my paperback buddies - the vendors know books and it is unlikely to find any bargains on rare books. Prices are comparable to what you find at typical conventions or book fairs. Secondly, most vendors bring out their best stuff, so not many boxes of cheap Men's Adventure or Westerns, although I found ten of the books below in a dollar box. There were lots of sci-fi paperbacks, which I used to love, but somehow lost interest in many years ago. Anyway, it was a worthwhile trip and you can see my haul below. The books that I spent more that a buck were the Pendleton for $5, the MacNeil for $5, and the O'Donnell, Masur, and Gruber were three for $5.

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