Saturday, August 19, 2017

Review: Small Town Nurse

Small Town Nurse Small Town Nurse by Harriet Kathryn Myers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Harry Whittington wrote nurse romance novels using this pseudonym. The novel starts out following the conventions of the genre, but eventually goes off the romance novel rails and turns into a murder and courtroom drama. No complaints from me. Young nurse Ann Wellington, burned out from the stress of a big city hospital is encouraged to transfer to a small beach community. Once there she meets and falls in love with Bruce Grayson, a medical intern with a Batman inspired name who recruits her to care for his crippled, depressive, and beautiful cousin Emily who lives in a secluded and shuttered beach house that seems out of a Bruno Fischer novel. Emily lives with Cousin Hester, a damaged and hateful woman who says something nasty every time she speaks. Hester becomes increasing domineering and violent as she resents the young lovers and the unwelcome changes that they bring to try to make Emily happy. From there a death, murder investigation and courtroom trial with a nice twist that I didn't see coming. Small Town Nurse is a odd book that tries to be both a nurse romance and a crime novel, but succeeds better as a crime novel. Exceeded my expectations.

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