Friday, April 6, 2018

My Favorite Noir Novels

For sake of clarity about what a noir novel actually is I'll defer to the Otto Penzler definition that he posted several years back - Noir Fiction Is About Losers, Not Private Eyes.

So using the strict "Penzler" definition of noir, here are 10 of my favorites:
  • So Young, So Wicked - Jonathan Craig 
  • The Vengeful Virgin - Gil Brewer 
  • .44 - H.A. DeRosso 
  • Pick-Up - Charles Willeford 
  • Pop. 1280 - Jim Thompson 
  • Black Wings Has My Angel - Elliot Chaze 
  • Brute in Brass - Harry Whittington 
  • Sleep with the Devil - Day Keene 
  • The Name of the Game is Death - Dan J. Marlowe 
  • The Postman Always Rings Twice - James M. Cain 

Any thoughts?

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