Saturday, July 18, 2020

Review: Comanche Vengeance

Comanche Vengeance Comanche Vengeance by Richard Jessup
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Starts off brutal when Sarah Phelps finds her two small children raped and murdered by Comanches. She buries them and then burns down her house and barns and rides off searching for her husband's body. After she buries him she rides after the Comanches seeking vengeance. Sarah Phelps is a dynamite character. She's tough, driven, whip-smart, and a crack-shot. Grudgingly she accepts help from Gibson Duke and the two of them track the Comanches and every chapter brings at least one new test on her quest for vengeance. They battle outlaws and Comanches multiple times. Get captured and escape. There's buffalo hunts and blizzards. She goes to hell and back to get her scalp, and to also discover love again. Awesome western, one of the best that I can ever remember reading.

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  1. An underrated author. Every Richard Jessup novel that I have read was terrific. His 70s novel titled THE THREAT is outstanding.