Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Review: Mad Baxter

Mad Baxter Mad Baxter by Wade Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mad Baxter isn’t mad. His first name is Madison. He’s a 40 year old miner and adventurer who claims to have never been blown up and never been married. Baxter return to Sardinia alone to manage a mining operation where ten years previously, in a fit of passion, he promised to marry a tempestuous young woman. The woman Grazia, now grown, and leader of a tight-knit family clan expects Baxter to be true to his word. Baxter starts off on the wrong foot by blowing off the wedding and hiring miners from another family clan with whom they have been feuding. Sort of a Green Acres vibe here with Baxter, the sensible person, surrounded by folks that act unpredictably as he finds himself stuck in one jam after another in a crazy Family Feud. Well written with many memorable characters, especially Grazia who is insanely hot-blooded and volatile. A highly entertaining and humorous adventure tale.

Although many Wade Miller books are back in print this is not one of them.

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