Friday, November 12, 2021

Review: Horizontal Secretary

Horizontal Secretary Horizontal Secretary by Amy Harris
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

As with many of these vintage sleaze novels you can't go by the description on the back cover. There really is no plot to this one. Ellie is a secretary in the shipping department. She's 27 and a virgin when the book begins. Blake, the head of the PR department is putting on the moves and succeeds in seducing Ellie. It's over quick and she's disappointed. She moves on to Frank, a police detective she last dated two years previously and had brushed off. Not this time. Again it's too quick. Is that all there is? she thinks out loud and Frank gives her another go, slower this time. Fireworks! And again and again. But then Frank doesn't call for three days. Blake does instead and she gives him another go. Blake is not the one. Frank finally calls and now wants to marry her. Nope. Ellie dumps him quick. Dave, the next door neighbor beckons as the book ends. This is still 1963 and, fair warning, the sex is not explicit. The first-person narration is strong and we experience this emotional whirlwind along with Ellie. Amy Harris wrote five other books for Midwood and they might be worth checking out: Y-175 Forever Amy, F-203 Birth of a Tramp, F-212 Touch Me Gently, F-215 Counter Girl, and F-265 All of Me. Cover art? Yes, that is Paul Rader's work.

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